Intro-Erin Moore (steamy paranormals)

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Intro-Erin Moore (steamy paranormals)

Post by Erin Moore on Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:10 pm

Hi Everyone,

Very much looking forward to reviewing some great books. I've been searching for a community like this for a while!

Here is my standard bio: queen 

Erin has been writing her entire life, but only recently found her voice in the paranormal romance world. She's an avowed chocoholic, loves travel and good tea, and finds her inner peace by meditating and writing.

Both of my paranormal romance novellas were published this year by Etopia Press. I'm currently writing a dark minotaur story as well as a historical romance set in Mongolia.

Would love to hear from you - Twitter is my dark addiction.


Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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Re: Intro-Erin Moore (steamy paranormals)

Post by SRHowen on Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:44 pm

Welcome aboard!

Author, Editor, Mentor

Medicine Man I: The Chief of All Time
Medicine Man II: Raven
Medicine Man III: Times Arrow (2014)
The Wizard's Heart: A tale of the Zingari
The Queen's Heart: A tale of the Zingari (2014)
As Shaunna Wolf
Discoveries: A novel of the Forge
Beginnings: A novel of the Forge (2014)
Life Flight (December 2013)

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