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Post by lindabarlow on Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:28 pm

Hi everybody,

Very nice to meet you all!  I've been kicking around the writing world for several decades, although I took a break for a few years to return to grad school and teach a totally different subject than I originally taught (English lit originally, biology in this century).  I was first published 30 years ago by Berkley/Putnam, and I've written for pretty much all of the Big Six, or Big Five or whatever they're down to now. Author of 18 novels in various genres, including sagas, women's fiction, historical romance, contemporary romance, New Adult, mystery/suspense. I've also written non fiction, including some technology and academic stuff. I never could settle down to one area.

After all those years of wondering if my royalty check would ever arrive (it usually didn't), I'm loving indie publishing. Plus, I no longer get my covers dictated to me from some stranger in Marketing!

Actually, I'm pretty new to indie pubbing; still learning. I published a back-list historical (completely rewritten) in June, and I've just pubbed the book I'm sending around for reviews, Blazing Nights, a sexy contemp. romance. It's based on a much shorter romance that came out back in the mid 1980s--rewritten, updated, and transformed into the beginning of a new series. I'm having lots of fun playing with my old characters again, and *they* are delighted to have the opportunity once again defiantly tell me things like, "No way I'm doing that again in this book, babe."

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