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Post by rjones64 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:47 pm

Howdy! My name is Richard Jones and I'm the author of any number of genre short stories and book-length stories. However, the reason I'm here is a bit different than, perhaps, you. I'm also the author of a hilarious how-to book for new dads called A Dude's Guide to Babies, which was published earlier this year by Sellers Publishing.

Since this book was designed as a teaching/laughing tool for dudes, we made sure to keep it short, break up the text often and pack it full of funny lists and quizzes. It's not a hard slog, is what I'm trying to say.

I realize you might be in the mood for fiction during your review, so I appreciate the fact that you're taking the time to read my humble how-to book. I'm looking forward to working with all of you.pirat 


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