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A Very Good and Thorough review Empty A Very Good and Thorough review

Post by SRHowen on Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:15 pm

Again I use one of my books, because I don't want to pick apart someone else's reviews or book.Cool 

5.0 out of 5 stars An intriguing, suspenseful read from start to finish, September 1, 2013

Medicine Man: Chief of All Time by S.R. Howen As with the other example, the reviewer ID's the book and the author right at the start, on Amazon they do that automatically for you, but not every site does that, so even if it seems redundant, it is a good thing to put in and should be there.is a suspenseful, multi-faceted story that at its heart is a complex journey of self discovery. When Shannon Running Deer, a modern day trauma surgeon who has left the reservation and his heritage behind, falls for Morning Dove, a homeless woman from his old tribe, his whole life is thrown into turmoil. His apparent travels through time to an ancient past where tribal leaders have banded together to prevent the foreseen demise of their people soon have him questioning his sanity. And to win the one he loves he must not only believe in the impossible and embrace his calling as a Medicine Man, but be chosen as the Chief of all time. In this one the reviewer writes a plot summery, but doesn't give away any spoilers. This is a hard and sure way to start any review.  The reader of the review knows right of way if this book is for them.

The challenges encountered with trying to totally rewrite history and alter the American Indians fate provide an intriguing layer to the story, as does seeing the lengths Shannon Running Deer has to go to in order to overcome some of them. With each trip through time Shannon risks being stranded from his new found love, reminding me of one my favorite films, Somewhere in Time, and more recently John Carter. But my favorite element of all is the "what if" questions S.R. raises regarding the impact we could truly have on monumental events from our known history if we could ever visit the past. The author compares the book to others, and to popular media.  This once again shows that they have read the book and helps the potential buyer of the book know if this book is for them.

S.R. does a commendable job of handling the time shifts, making it clear to the reader when jumps have occurred while allowing the protagonist to experience the confusion that would accompany such events. Says here's an aspect that the author does well. Shannon's struggles with his spirituality and personal values make for a flawed character who is easy to identify with in spite of his tremendous gifts, and keep the outcome of the story very much in doubt. And the sub-plot with the battle hardened warrior antagonist, Kills Many, who is also out to win Morning Dove's hand, provides for wonderful conflict and builds to an incredibly dramatic conclusion that left me eager to read the next installment in the series. Sums things up nicely and tells readers how they felt and how the end was handled.  This also gives reader more insight into the story and plot. And lets the reader know, this is why I gave this book the stars I did.

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