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Post by John Tucker on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:53 pm

I am a multi-genre author who has seven published works ranging from Psychological Thrillers to Erotica. I started writing in 2008 thanks to a pesky mid-life crisis after I abandoned it in my twenties to marry three wives and raise two children. (Not a polygamist, the wives were separate. :-) )

My novels are:

Divisive -- a sociopath with a penchant for destroying matriarchal-driven families starts his quest for his fourth 'game.' The Connors - mother Carolyn, and her two daughters Elizabeth(17) and Emily (12) - embrace the new man in their lives, unaware that his goal is to manipulate them into killing each other - or themselves.

The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight -- A city-raised teenager with hopes of becoming a policewoman in 1980's Georgia returns to the small town she and her father abandoned in her childhood. With the local sheriff giving up on finding her estranged mother's killer, Steph Linder starts her own private investigation to find the truth.

Romancing the Fox -- A novel written like a prime time soap filled with despicable characters, a budding romance, and the inner workings of the adult entertainment industry. A good girl turned porn star gets a ticket out of the XXX business when a fledgling producer selects her to co-star in his movie. When they start a tentative romance, she finds her friends, enemies, and new associates want her to fail - in her professional and personal life.

Terpsichore in Love / The Mark of Cain -- The first two books of the Bemused and Bedeviled series. A proposed six volume series about Muses, Sirens, God, Lucifer, and the 'special' mortal they come into contact with that could effectively rip the universe apart. Romance, Comedy, Danger, and Snark ensues.

Splits in the Skin -- A bounty hunter searches for his prey in New Eden - a small, insulated mountain village that has a dark secret hidden from civilization since the Civil War. Along the way, Ellis Hardigree finds romance with a girl in the town beside New Eden and teams up with her to catch Moses Bailey and bring him to justice.

Twelve Doors to Ecstasy - Tryst Sanyon is a good girl who wants to be bad. Thinking it's a godsend, she answers an advertisement seeking women to broaden their sexual horizons. She soon finds out the immense pleasures promised her by a mysterious millionaire, comes with an undercurrent of danger.
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