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Post by eternalsquire on Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:19 pm

Andrew Jonathan Fine

Title: Alouette's Song

Author(s): Andrew Jonathan Fine

Genre:  Interplanetary Romance

Publication Date: 2014

Publisher: A House Of Craft

Format ebook


Price: $7.34

Ebook page count:  739

PDF page count: 380


Four teenagers' lives connect irrevocably.

A lonely young sculptor first tries to escape his abusive parents through his talent, and when that avenue is closed chooses to throw himself before a subway train. His moment is interrupted by a desperate cry for help from near the lethally electrified third rail...

A college freshman from a very wealthy family has a knack for building whatever he wants and staying centered in a confusing world.  His best friend is about to yank his life far off center completely by surprise...

A musical superstar holds God close, walking through life with one foot each in two very different deserts.  She will find then lose her one and only true love.  Regaining him will stain her pure hands with many peoples' blood.

A girl who should still be in high school is already well on her way to a master's degree in mathematics.  Her mind holds the key to the stars... but that same mind holds unknown to her a truly terrifying other personality.

Her academic advisor and personal mentor is a professor in astrophysics. He can't tell her he's now received orders from the blackest agency to exist in their country's government: her discovery must never see the light of day...

Their struggles against themselves and each other, plus uncanny coincidences, cruel choices, breathtaking valor, and agonizing sacrifices for love's sake, will test everyone's limits during their journey across the Milky Way and back.

Join them in this exhilarating retelling of the now public-domain Skylark Of Space, completely rebooted and updated from the 1930's narrative to a gripping 21st century romantic action adventure, where nobody is innocent and nothing is ever as it seems!

Buy Links: Amazon

Audience:  New Adult/College.

Special note:  Minor erotic content. 4 love scenes rated tangy to spicy, involving
characters depicted having ages 16, 17, 18, and 19.

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