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Post by rjones64 on Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:28 am


I'm Richard Jones, the principal author of A Dude's Guide to Babies: The New Dad's Playbook. It's a hilarious how-to guide for first-time fathers that tells how two regular schlubs managed to help care for and, in my case, rear their children without breaking anything. Much. Without breaking anything much. Important. Without breaking anything much that was really, really, super important.

As much humorous observation as how-to, the Guide takes first-time fathers through a guided tour of birth (with a little pregnancy-survival guidance thrown in), life and poopy diapers. It's written in big type and with short sections, so as to be more easily read in short chunks. Although I probably shouldn't have said chunks when talking about the place we all know it will be read.

Moving on.

There's no through-line, no plot and the only characters would be the idiot who wrote the book. Agree or disagree with the tips, it's how we made it through. Even if you think we're idiots (we're not. Well, I'm not. Usually.), you'll still find plenty to laugh at as you go through the book.


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