Example Five--A Very Poor Review

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Example Five--A Very Poor Review Empty Example Five--A Very Poor Review

Post by WildReader on Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:21 pm

2 stars

I should preface this by saying that romance isn't a genre I usually read, but I thought this story was okay. It's very short so it's good if you just want a quick read, and I didn't feel short-changed or that there was anything missing. However, I did find it a tad predictable and I didn't find the main character very engaging; the story didn't do enough to get me invested in her plight. I also thought the dialogue was quite weak. On the other hand, the descriptive prose was excellent and I felt the author did a great job of bringing the setting to life and describing emotions vividly. It's a decent story that, aside from the dialogue, is well-written and if you want a short read that's not too taxing you could do worse than giving this a try.

There are several issues with this review, but the major ones are these:

  1. There is no description of the book at all or even the characters. This shows that they skimmed and didn't really read.
  2. The conflicted opinion about it having good description, being well-written, a decent story but the weak dialogue is another clue that confirms they skimmed, especially as they give no examples of good or bad.

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